Reusable face mask
Reusable face mask
Reusable face mask
Reusable face mask
Reusable face mask
Reusable face mask

Reusable face mask

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We decided to join the cause and create colorful face masks to help protect ourselves and others. As long as you have to wear one, it is better to be colorful and comfortable, right?

Our mask has two layers of 100% cotton fabric which provides better protection. This type of "pleated" mask has an interior pocket (at the bottom of the mask) to insert a filter, if necessary. The filter is not included. Make sure that the filter you are using (a paper towel, for example) does not get wet, that it is light and that it allows you to breathe well enough.

Sizes and adjustments

Greatness for all. Due to the folds in the front, this mask can adjust to different face sizes.

The elastic bands are adjustable for better protection.

There is a plastic coated metal rod to pinch at the nose to make sure the face mask is waterproof.


Two-layer face mask 100% cotton

Adjustment at the ears with elastic bands.

Donation options

If you wish, you can contribute with a donation! You buy a mask and a mask will be given to those who need it.

We will give the face masks in CHSLDs, CLSCs, hospitals, etc.

Maintenance and instructions for use

p> ∆ Before first use and between each use, machine wash in hot water (60 ° C). Put in the dryer on medium heat. Iron after each wash at medium temperature.

∆ Put on and take off your face mask as little as possible. Put it on especially when you leave the house.

∆ When putting it on, do not touch the inside of the mask.

∆ Put on the face mask using the rubber bands. Once the mask is in place, do not touch or remove it.

Make sure the mouth mask fits snugly around the nose and chin, you should breathe, both through the mouth and through the nose, through the mouth mask.

∆ Change the mask if possible every two hours and immediately put it in a bag until washing.

∆ After removing the mask, wash your hands up to the elbows.

∆ Wearing a mask does not exempt from barrier gestures. Respect hygiene measures, keep a distance of 2m and wash your hands properly and as often as possible.

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