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Customize your quilt

We invite you to create together the blanket, the baby blanket or even the quilting accessory of your dreams. A co-creation that allows you to choose the size, colors, textures, feeling or even an embroidered text. We will work from your inspirations to get the quilt you desire!

How it works?


To help us create your design, we need to know your inspirations. They can be as diverse as you want and take many forms. Let yourself go!
Need some inspiration? Check out our "quilts" board on Pinterest!
We are asking for an amount of $ 80 at this point to cover the cost of designing your quilt.
If you would like one of our existing designs, please choose which one of these.


Once the size has been chosen and your inspirations have been sent, tell us your colors so that we can find your favorite fabrics.
Do you have a favorite color? Do you absolutely want a specific fabric, like velvet? Give us as much information as possible.
Please note that we use upcycled fabric and therefore the quantity and colors may be restricted. However, we will make sure that when you have selected your fabrics, the quilt will be made as agreed.


Then all you have to do is wait for the magic to happen. All of our blankets are handmade at our workshop in Bedford. We choose our upcycled fabrics to keep only the best quality ones. The polyester fill is carefully placed between the layers of fabrics.
The production time varies depending on the time of year and the number of orders. We will discuss these timelines together to ensure that you receive your coverage within a reasonable time frame. It takes about 4 to 6 weeks normally.


Quilt is ready! We take the time to send you cute photos of your beloved quilt and once the balance of payment is cleared the quilt is ready to go to your home.
Option a: We can mail the quilt to you. Normally, delivery times are 1 to 3 business days for mailing. Shipping costs are not included.
Option b: You can also pick her up at the workshop and meet us at the same time if you wish! It will be our pleasure to show you the workshop.

To begin the process for a custom quilt or to discuss your ideas, contact us through the form below.