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A blanket that comforts, that we cherish, that we simply love, is important. We spend almost half our life under the covers!

What we are offering is the creation of the blanket of your dreams...together. You can choose your preferred size, the model that inspires you the most and share your preferences with us.

Be it for the colours, the textures, the feeling or even an embroidered word, a name or a phrase, the possibilities are endless.

How does it work?

Step 1. The choice of model

To help us to fabricate your made-to-measure design, we need to know your favourite model. You can find the different blanket models here.

At this stage, we ask for a 20% deposit, which helps ensure a certain level of seriousness and commitment. This deposit will of course be applied to the final total.

Step 2. Choice of colours

Once you’ve chosen the model, let us know which colours you prefer so we can find your favourite fabrics.

Have a favourite colour? You really want a particular type of fabric, like velour? Give us the most information possible.

It should be noted that we use upcycled fabrics. Due to this, the quantities and specific colours might be more rare than others. Despite this, we will ensure that once you have chosen your fabrics, it will be made as agreed.

Step 3. Creation

Now, all that is left is to let the magic happen. All of our quilts are made by hand in our workshop in Bedford, Quebec. In choosing our fabrics to upcycle, we choose only those of the best quality. The polyester filling is meticulously placed between the layers of fabric.

The time of fabrication varies depending on the season and the number of orders. We will discuss the waiting period to ensure that you get your quilt in a reasonable time. Normally, you should count on around 4 to 6 weeks.

Step 4. Payment and delivery

The quilt is done! We take the time to send photo of your quilt and once payment is complete, it is sent directly to your home.

You may also come and pick it up at our workshop, of course, and we can meet! It will be our pleasure to show you how it was made.

Normally, delivery takes 1 to 3 days by regular mail. Shipping fees are not included.

Are you dreaming of a quilt made just for you?

To start the process of ordering a personalised quilt and discuss your ideas, contact us at or fill out the form below.

"Sunrise" available in all sizes (throws, single,double, queen, king). Starting at $320. For more information click here.