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Madeleine | Mojave

Courtepointe mojave chez madeleine

We met Madeleine at an arts and crafts fair. She wanted to have a custom quilt made with two criteria in mind: it had to include some of her mother's old fabrics and use the symbolism of the tree as an inspiration.

When the custom quilt was completed, it was time to give it a name. Without consulting the customer, the name "Mojave*" immediately came to mind. When Madeleine received her quilt and learned the name, what a surprise! For Madeleine, the Mojave Desert was extremely meaningful. She had fond memories of an extraordinary trip there. It was her first time travelling with her lover, where she met her new in-laws in Arizona and ran a marathon in the Death Valley Desert.

This just shows how art has the power to communicate and symbolize many things at once.

*Mojave is the name of a desert in the western United States, known to be home to the Joshua tree. (Joshua tree).


madeleine et son amoureux clients le point visible


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