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Maintenance guide

Wash in cold water

Washing in cold water extends the life of our fabrics by better preserving their properties. Colored fabrics are particularly sensitive to hot water and their color can be altered. If there is a stain, don't panic. Wash the affected area with stain remover before washing the entire quilt in cold water. You can also use old-fashioned soap: this soap is miraculous and natural.

Dry flat

The dryer is the fabrics' worst enemy, especially for the seams. Machine-drying the quilt can not only cause the fabric to dry unevenly, but it can also cause the thread to wear out prematurely or break. The best way to avoid this is to dry your quilt flat on the clothesline, a handrail or the edge of a door.

Avoid storing in damp areas

If you must store your quilt, be sure to keep it in a dry place. For example, a cedar chest, like the ones of our grandmothers, is a perfect container to store your quilt as well as any other fabric. These boxes avoid excess humidity, harmful insects and it smells good! However, the best way to preserve your quilt is to use it rather than store it!

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