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Eliane and Camille | Giving a birth gift for a lifetime

courtepointe enfant sur mesure


When Eliane and Camille learned that their friend was expecting their first child, the idea of getting together to offer a collective gift was obvious. As friends and future "matantes" of the toddler, they were looking for a gift that was original, of quality and made in Quebec. Having discovered the company Le Point Visible on social networks, it was an immediate click.

With the option of custom creation available, the project could take a more intimate and personalized form, in order to create from the start an object of memory for the family cocoon. The choice was made for a crib quilt, as this option avoided the obsolescence of the object by offering the possibility to be installed as a wall hanging (two-in-one product). The inspiration for the creation of the quilt came from the Isle of Skye in Scotland. Every time their friend referred to this trip with her lover, she had sparkling eyes. The creation of the quilt was completed through top secret exchanges between Eliane, Camille and their friend's boyfriend. He took care to send pictures of the room (colors, decorations, etc.) to ensure that the quilt would match the decor.

In the context of distancing from the COVID-19 pandemic, no “baby shower’’ could take place. It was therefore in the courtyard of the future parents that Eliane and Camille offered their gift. They were very surprised and excited by the originality and the evocation of the gift. They particularly appreciate the concept of the evolving quilt and decided to take advantage of it immediately by displaying it on the wall of the room while waiting for the baby to come!


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