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France et Jean-François | The travellers

courtepointe france jean-francois Percé

France and Jean-François, parents of Sarah, Jean-Philip and Alexandre, have been traveling in a motor home for two decades. The children remember the many hours they spent on the road watching the landscapes scroll by, changing from lush hardwoods in the morning to desert in the evening. They accompanied their parents for a few years, traveling the United States through their summers. They have many photos and souvenirs to remind them of those precious moments spent with their parents.

Both retired today, France and Jean-François have resumed their travels south of the border where they spend almost half the year. Their trip has been cut short this year, but that will not prevent them from continuing to explore the continent: off to the Gaspé Peninsula and the Okanagan Valley.

Sarah, who is well known at the workshop, was looking for a gift for their anniversary. She and her brothers wanted to offer something that would last and be a part of their daily lives. Since their parents are avid campers, giving them a quilted throw was the perfect solution. Its size and its uses meant that it could serve as a blanket for warmth and picnics, as well as a beautiful decorative item. Best of all, it would remind them of their children, even when they are hundreds of miles away.

So, naturally they opted for the "un soir de camping" design. France and Jean-François received their quilt at their anniversary dinner, and it was greeted with a great deal of emotion. It will accompany them everywhere on their travels, carrying a little part of their children with it.


courtepointe soir de camping en gaspésie

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