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Martin | Make it shine

A baker by profession, Martin is one of those passionate people whose curiosity and motivation are boundless. In love with our quilts from day one, he has been maturing his custom quilt project long enough to gather the money and inspiration to make it happen.

For several months, we would receive an envelope through the mailbox with a check and a message written by Martin's hand..... In the form of a poem and kind words, these letters told us of his enthusiasm and impatience to see the project become a reality.

6 months later, the money for a single bed blanket was raised. Martin visited us at the workshop with ground cherry pies and even... bagels in the name of Le point visible! The result of this unique project is a bright and sparkling quilt in the colors of its owner.

Thank you Martin for having shined each step of this unique project in your own way. We will keep each of your letters as a precious souvenir.


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