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Louis | Tribute to an exceptional person, uncle Louis

Louis is one of those special people. Those people who know how to touch our hearts and who remind us that human beings are fundamentally good. Uncle Louis is Marilyn's uncle, but over time he has become the uncle of many of the people around him.

He possesses a human warmth, an authenticity, a sincerity, a generosity and a humor that makes it impossible to resist him. A multi-talented person, especially when it comes to tinkering, he is the "jack of all trades" at Le point visible. This entrepreneur is the one who taught us long before the eco-responsible fashion, that it was our duty to repair rather than throw away and to recover rather than buy new. He is the ace of upcycling and his woodworking shop is an endless source of projects. Over the years, Louis has been there for our booth set-ups and tear-downs, workshop set-ups, booth construction, trade show visits, material deliveries, not to mention the endless number of custom-designed equipment and furniture he made to improve our efficiency or optimize space.

He is present at all of the company's milestones, whether it's celebrating the good times or mourning the not so good. His optimism is the greatest balm to our anxieties and over time we have become proud spokespersons for his famous quote: "There are no problems, there are only solutions!

Uncle Louis is the man behind the scenes, who gives without counting the cost. He's our #1 fan and as if he wasn't doing enough, he even offered himself his very first custom-made quilt, designed according to his needs, his desires and his tastes. The result is simply beautiful and despite the amount of different colors, this quilt is one of our favorites to this day.

Even if this tribute is a small thing compared to the colossal support that Louis has provided since our beginnings, we hope that this demonstration of love will leave an indelible mark of our gratitude. Without meaning to, Uncle Louis is already a bit of a legend...

Thank you for everything Uncle Louis.

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