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Denis, the man who made the machines hum

Meeting Denis has become something of a pilgrimage. To do so, take Highway 35 to d'Iberville (Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu), ring the doorbell of his bungalow and descend the stairs to the basement. Once you set foot on the floor, the magic happens and time suddenly stands still (somewhere in the 70s). In this basement, the sound of machines rolls incessantly, from morning to night. Behind one of them hides Denis, greeting us with his sparkling eyes and Santa Claus-like demeanor.

Denis is what we call a person skilled in the art. Denis has been a printer for almost 50 years. He graduated in 1977, long before the era of digital technology, laptops and 3D printers. In those days, we learned the profession with typists, by developing silver-based films, using die-cutting, offset machine and letterpress. Needless to say, the profession has changed a lot since then... After working for the Journal du Canada français and the Frères Maristes, Denis has now been working for 26 years with his company Katrimages.

Curious and meticulous, Denis has always kept his knowledge, techniques and technologies up to date. He knows how to make judicious and balanced use of his platinium century-old machines, his offset press and his digital printers. Stepping into Denis' basement is a bit like stepping into a museum. You want to spend hours there, and come away admiring all the work of this shadowy craftsman.

Thank you for your patience, your pedagogy and your humor.

Before we met you, the printing step was a chore for us. Since then, we've been looking forward to the next phone call, but above all, to the next pilgrimage to your basement.
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