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Taking measurements




84 – 91,5cm

37''- 40''

94 – 101,5cm

41''- 44''

104,1 – 111,8cm


26''- 29''

63,5 – 71cm

30''- 33''

73,5 – 81cm

34''- 37''

83,8 – 91,44cm


36"- 39"

89 – 96,5cm

40''- 43''

99 – 106,5cm

44''- 47''

109,2 – 116,84cm


Tips to consider before taking measurements

AIn order to make it easier to take your measurements, we recommend that you dress comfortably, yet wearing clothes that are close to your body. The idea is not to add any additional volume that would distort the measurements. Try to adopt a relaxed but upright posture and, when taking measurements, to keep two fingers flat between the body and the tape as shown in the image below. This is a safety margin for ease. We also recommend using a mirror, that will be very helpful to double check you’re doing it right. Finally, make sure you always keep the tape horizontally & parallel to the ground. 

bust measurement


  • The bust: This is the fullest part of the chest. 

mesure poitrine
  • The waist measurement : if you lean on the side, you will find a hollow between what are called « love handles ». This is where the measurement should be taken.

mesure taille

  • The hips : Like the chest, this is the fullest part of the hips. All you have to do is find your hip bone, the one you’ve probably hit a few times.
mesure hanche
    • Length of the arms : Note that this measurement is much easier to take with someone’s help. Your companion should choose a spine bone about 3 inches below the neck. From there, move it towards the top of the shoulder. Then, from the tip of the shoulder, go down to your bent elbow. Finally, measure your arm down to the desired sleeve length. Supporting photo below to help you visualize the process.

    mesure bras1mesure bras 2
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