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What is the difference between bed cover sizes?

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Generally speaking, the dimensions listed for the bed sizes (single, double, queen, king) mean that the quilt falls over the sides and end of the bed by about 10 inches. If the mattress is directly on the floor, for example, just take a smaller size. Depending on your needs, be sure to refer to the dimensions of the quilt rather than the size of the bed. For more details, consult our size chart.

Your site indicates that shipping is free for purchases of $200 or more. Is shipping free on custom-made quilt orders?

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Unfortunately not. Free shipping applies only to our regular products available directly on our site.

When does the timeframe for the production of my custom quilt begin?

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The 4 to 6 week timeframe necessary for the production of your custom quilt begins as soon as the private consultation has taken place and the first payment has been made.

Is the quilt very warm?

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The quilt is primarily an assembly of textiles with a cotton batting in the middle. If the customer prefers a warmer quilt, it is possible to include wool and velvet or a cotton batting to add weight and warmth. Otherwise, to ensure that the quilt is comfortable for use in the summer as well, we suggest that it be placed over a comforter during the winter. Then, in the summer, you can remove the comforter and keep the quilt only.

Can we add custom text on your products?

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Yes, it is possible. We work with a local artisan who can embroider any message and/or logo. Prices vary according to size. For more details, please contact us

Are the fabrics pre-washed?

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Yes, we pre-wash the textiles in hot water with vinegar. This process helps the colors lock in and ensures that the textile does not shrink afterwards. However, even with pre-washing, it is strongly recommended that you always wash your quilt in cold water afterwards. For more information, please refer to our maintenance guide.

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