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Custom-made quilted coat

The custom-made project offers you the chance to design your dream coat, with the help of experts in the field. This two step process includes the making of a quilt (Le point visible) from which your coat will be designed (Odeyalo). This custom-made offer is a unique opportunity to participate in the creation process while obtaining a signature piece that is as comfortable as it is irresistible!


Together is better
Born from a common passion for comfort, quality and audacity, Le point visible and Odeyalo joined their forces to offer you a superior quality coat. This duo of passionate experts are committed through their textile business to promote the circular economy and reduce their production of textile waste. This custom-made coat project is the result of this collaboration. Because together is better!


Your custom-made coat, step by step 

Step 1. Fill out the custom-made quilted coat form

The interactive form will guide you in selecting the main components of your quilt (size, model, colors, etc.) while helping us identify your desires and inspirations. The information provided on the form is for reference only. If you are undecided about certain aspects or if you have questions for us before making your choice, we have the virtual meeting just for that!

Here are the basic points to include in the form:

The coat

Each coat is made from an assembly of different quilt fabrics. This technique called "improvisation" makes it possible to create unique pieces, rich in colors and textures. The inner side is plain, highlighting the topstitching.


Options of coat designs

  • The vest | 960$ : This reversible quilted jacket is the perfect item to warm up and enhance any outfit. Loose and comfortable, the cut is designed to accommodate layering over your favorite top or coat. The reversible pockets are distinctive on both sides and complete each look perfectly.
  • The short coat | 1280 $: With this coat you get two completely different looks in one! This slightly "oversized" coat is perfect as a transitional season piece or as an indoor jacket in winter. With its pockets accessible on both sides, this practical coat is suitable for accompanying you in everyday life. Matching all looks, you can have fun rolling up the sleeves for a flashy contrast!
  • The long coat | 1440$ : This coat is definitely the masterpiece of the collection! This is a blanket at its best: a long and elegant coat offering optimal comfort. Its cut accentuates the slightly cocoon silhouette of this coat that will definitely turn heads. The interior finish is enhanced with contrasting bias binding to make you feel special inside and out! Available with a belt or buttons according to your needs.

To choose your model and see the different options, we invite you to consult the page our creations 

Please note: If you would like a custom design (other than one of the following models), simply indicate it on the form. Additional fees will be charged depending on the complexity of the model.

The size



84 – 91,5cm

37''- 40''

94 – 101,5cm

41''- 44''

104,1 – 111,8cm


26''- 29''

63,5 – 71cm

30''- 33''

73,5 – 81cm

34''- 37''

83,8 – 91,44cm


36"- 39"

89 – 96,5cm

40''- 43''

99 – 106,5cm

44''- 47''

109,2 – 116,84cm


Please note: To make sure you choose the size that suits you, you can refer to our page which accompanies you in taking your measurements.

Thecolors of inspiration 

The selected colors are to serve as a reference only. These colors will serve as inspiration as we look for suitable color palettes. Since we only use recycled fabrics, we are constantly renewing our inventory. Fortunately, its diversity will allow us to offer you options similar to your selection and to find the perfect palette for you!

La Topstitching

Topstitching is visible needlework. It is both decorative and functional, joining the quilt's three layers of fabric, prolonging its lifespan, while adding the final aesthetic touch.

The batting

Batting is a soft, plush material found inside a quilt. Inserted between two layers of fabric, these three textile layers are held together by a seam called the topstitch.

  • Cotton batting: -Cotton batting: Cotton batting is a premium quality. A little less warm and breathable than woolen stuffing, it is exceptionally soft and light (it softens with each wash!). 100% unbleached cotton, grown and processed in Waco, Texas.
    • Wool batting: 100% wool batting is the cream of the crop. It is a material that adapts perfectly to temperature variations. Warm in winter, it is cool in summer since it is a breathable material that prevents the accumulation of heat. Soft and light, you'll feel like you're on cloud nine!

    Are you ready?

    Complete online form now!

    Step 2. Making an appointment and the private consultation

    This consultation is an opportunity to discuss your quilt project and define its main components. The private consultation takes place via videoconference, from the comfort of your home or office. It should take 30 to 45 minutes. *Consultation with Le point visible

    The consultation allows, among other things, to:

    • Choose the fabrics and colors that will make up your coat;
    • Discuss the necessary details to start production :)


    Step 3. First payment

    This first payment corresponds to 40% of the value of your order.


    Step 4. Making the coat

    Once the first payment has been made, 4 to 8 weeks are required for the quilted coat to be completed. If you would like your quilt by a specific date, please indicate this in the form. We will do our best to accommodate your request.


    Step 5. Finalizing the order

    Final payment: This payment corresponds to the remaining balance of your order.

    Réception du manteau: It is possible to have your coat delivered to your home or to pick it up at the Odeyalo workshop-boutique in Montreal. To make an appointment for pick up at the workshop, click HERE.

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