Sous-plat de couleurs indigo

Japanese-inspired quilt trivet
Surpiqûre inspirée du sashiko japonais
Sous-plat de couleurs indigo et ocre
Sous-plat ou poignée de four en courtepointe

Japanese-inspired quilt trivet

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Our trivet is a perfect last minute gift!

We took inspiration from two Japanese techniques to create quilt trivets for the home.

- Boro is a style of Japanese quilting normally made from different scraps of denim.

- Sashiko is a classic Japanese technique of hand stitching with white cotton thread.

This trivet is perfect for placing hot dishes or taking them out of the oven!

It should be noted that each trivet is different.

Choice of quilt trivets

You have the choice between two assemblies of upcycled cotton scraps:

- A mixture of indigo

- A mixture of indigo and ocher

Trivet dimensions

The trivet is 8 x 8 inches.

Trivet materials

Backing: Textile scraps of upcycled cotton

Reverse: Upcycled cotton Corduroy