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Dominique & François | A global crush

It was during a visit to the Bedford Lofts workshop that Dominique and François fell in love with the work of Le point visible. Following the company's activities from afar, their senses were awakened as soon as they set foot in the workshop. "The fabrics, the designs and the emphasis on finishing really turned us on. We were in love with the shop and the vision. When we found out about the custom quilt offering, we decided we needed one."

After completing their home renovation, their future quilt would provide the splash of color they were looking for in their bedroom. They wanted a simple design to put more emphasis on color. With its shapes reminiscent of the mountains and the sun, the “Bouger” model was a perfect nod to their cult series Twin Peaks.

After a few weeks of waiting, the surprise was immense when they discovered their package. It was while meticulously observing all the assembly and finishing details that they realized the sudden value of this object to them. "We realized that a quilt is not something as ephemeral as a t-shirt. It's not a piece of clothing, a comforter cover or a set of sheets from a production line. It's the quilt that will follow you for a lifetime. That's a big deal!".

PS. Be warned, your pet will systematically adopt the circle-sun of your quilt for its naps. This is what happened to Dominique and François' cat as soon as it was deployed on their bed!

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